E Theuma History

E.Theuma & Company Ltd, is one of Malta’s longest established companies that has always adapted to the times while maintaining its core values of customer orientation and reputational integrity.

It was founded in 1923 by Antonio Theuma as a sole proprietorship active in general Government contracts in various constructional and essential product supplies, as well as an importer of textiles, foodstuffs, wines and spirits, raw and worked marble. In the forties, the company operated a regular shipping service between Malta and Sicily with its own vessel. The company had in its earlier years representative offices in Alexandria, Tripoli and Tunisia.

The company was reconstituted in 1960 as a partnership en nom collectif between Emilia Theuma (widow of Antonio) and Alfred Zahra (her nephew).

The company, managed by Alfred Zahra, was very active in the sixties and seventies as a supplier of marble to local contractors on major infrastructural and hotel construction projects. It was also the leading supplier of artistic works for churches in Malta and Gozo. These lines were complimentary to its industrial supplies sectors for the clothing and printing industries when Maltese exports were on a steady growth path during this intensive industrial phase of the economy.

In 1980 when Emilia Theuma retired from the business, the company was again reconstituted into a private limited liability company with its shareholders now including members of the Zahra family. The company has focused during these last thirty years on four different sectors – marble, paper and printing supplies, textiles and haberdashery, gold leaf and restoration supplies. In 2010, E. Theuma & Co. Ltd., has added a fifth line of activity – environmental and sustainable research, audits and impact assessments, in collaboration with an important European institute.

In 2010, Charles A. Zahra together with his sisters Marisa Zahra and Stefania Vella are now the shareholders of the company and managing its various business lines.